When I raised my eyes, I found out myself together with more than 1200 students.

Never before until now, AFRICAHUGS had gathered so many people, so many human beings, each one with their dream, with their illusion, with their energy.

We are more than 2000 students already, with their teachers, in different schools who joined THE HUGGING SESSIONS. What are you waiting for?

In every experience, we work with 4 different goals:

  • Respect for Africa. How is possible that being Africa the riches continent on Earth, they still live in such hard conditions, so far away talking about “progress” and facilities, from the rest of the continents?




  • Positive Image of Africa. Beyond what we watch or read on news, press, tv and huge media companies, there is another Africa, the one that wakes up early in the morning, the one working hard, the one wanting to move forward, the one wanting to take its future in hands. That Africa is kind, joyful, She welcomes visitors and foreigners with open hands and hearts, with kindness, with sympathy, without waiting nothing in response.




  • Structural change: But that Africa moving forward, is also sick and tired to see, suffer, feel that its continent, country, reality, environment barely moves further or do that really slow. They know natural resources are here, plenty to give enough facilities and real development , they know every year millions of dollars, euros or fca go out to tax heavens, to Western World, to Swiss banks, to former colonies.




  • Global Citizenship. In AFRICAHUGS, we want to promote exchange programs within schools, high schools, associations, with no paternalisms, with projects and working at the same level. Only with real gatherings among citizenship, with true relationships, durables and honest, we will be building real bridges towards global citizenship




We will keep encouraging you to be part of AFRICAHUGS  family, THE HUGGING SESSIONS. It is simple, easy and free. It is just about to make a small recording up to 4 minutes more or less, with all your imagination and creativity. If that is possible, I would like you to talk about the 4 AFRICAHUGS goals or some of them. Finally we can end up with this massive hug. That will be a hug full of anger, annoyance, because of all africans have and still are going through. Even though they live in one of the richest places on Earth, they do not get any real benefit from what their land has given as a gift. But also, that will be a hug full of joy, hope and future. Because sooner than later, we will see how this continent, the mother of all of us, will forge its way, with no neocolonialism, with freedom, with no fear, with commitment of all of us.

It is difficult to transmit the emotion we felt, complicated to explain what we lived once the HUGGING SESSIONS LIBERIA started with those 1200 students in Paynesville. Only living with them, understanding their environment, learning together, we will finally comprehend their reality.


Après l’abolition de l’esclavage

Ils ont créé la colonisation

Lorsque l’on a trouvé la solution

Ils ont créé la coopération

Comme on dénonce cette situation

Ils ont créé la mondialisation

Et sans expliquer la mondialisation

C’est Babylone qui nous exploite


  • After abolition of slavery,

They created colonization.

When we found the solution,

They created cooperation.

When we reported this situation,

They created globalization,

And with no explanation of what

that mean,

It is Babylone the one exploiting us.