Open letter from AfricaHugs

The obsession to show you a Different Face of Africa You in?

Dear friends, family, mates, lovers of Africa,

My name is Vicente Domingo Sanchis. I am a teacher with more than 12 years of experience. Besides, I have been principal for 5 years. Currently, I want to accomplish AFRICAHUGS, an educational project with the purpose of showing the World another Angle, Face, Side of Africa that despite everything, keeps growing, is joyful, is positive.

I will be focused in Subsaharan Africa. Living and Sharing with locals with the purpose of writing successful human stories with ideas, projects of local development. Because I truly believe that they will be the only main characters in this structural change, and no other ones.

Visiting schools is relevant goal in AFRICAHUGS, to better understand their community, to be integrated in their atmosphere. Through AFRICAHUGS, I propose to The World the HUGGING SESSIONS ACTIVITY. A massive HUG that has already gathered more than 1500 students.


Respect for Africa. Immoral Exploitation of their resources. Reasonable trade agreements.

Positive Image. Africa is joyful, Africa is full of successful stories and boundless hospitality.

Structural Change of Africa. The juiciest business in Africa: Charity? It is Enough !

Global Citizenship. Real assimilation of África. Building bridges, Setting up bonds.

AFRICAHUGS will not last forever. It has beginning and end . We do not pretend to live out of Africa. We just want to show that Africa is full of outstanding Africans able to manage and organize their future.

Your contribution will go to:

Spread THE HUGGING SESSIONS activity, providing with AFRICAHUGS t-shirts to every student. We will buy and print in every country visited.

Support every school visited with over 350 € to develop their projects or material for kids.

Cover visa expenses and other minor unexpected material.

Other expenses: Food, transport, lodging, health insurance, data material…are currently being paid by me. Nevertheless, I insistently accept photo, video editing volunteers, web developers and sponsors to cover different recording material.

Kindly appreciate your contribution.

to Xelo, in memoriam. She was a passionate kindergarten teacher from the public system and its undeniable equity. Your inner strength inspired me to accomplish AFRICAHUGS.


“In the course of history, there comes a time when Humanity is called to shift to a new level of conciousness. To reach higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other. That time is now”