Until lions tell their stories tales of hunting will glorify the hunter.

African Proverb

Breaking Myths

Africa is full of endless hospitality, full of people ready to open your hearts and doors. I live always with families, with local people. Come to Africa and discover their Welcoming Values and kindness. Enter Africa and don’t look behind. Africa wants to meet you !.

Here in Yopougon La Joie, a popular neighborhood in Abijan, Ivory Coast. It was impossible not to feel impregnated with their positivity, their eagerness of living, their hope to find a better future.

Building Education

AFRICAHUGS is, in essence , and educational project. As a result, we visit as many schools as possible. We try empowerment activities and create links between schools in Africa and in Spain, Finland….This is about to learn together, without paternalisms, with respect.

“Afrique des fiers guerriers dans les savanes ancestrales….” This was after the recording of the powerful poem “Afrique mon Afrique”, written by David Diop. We were in Yaoundé, Cameroon, at “Camp Bové” Public School.

Showing Strengths

Africa is full of Heroes and Heroines, full of people ready to tackle and manage their future. Africans who wake up before sunrise, who work hard, who, despite looting their resources, keep pushing hard with hope and future.

Aunty Donkor, a great professional in Herbal medicine. Doctors from Accra, Ghana, used to come to her to buy their products. And the African Woman will change the WORLD.

Meet our Educational Project

Transparency and Respect will guide this project. All donations will be strategical. Because, to achieve ideas, projects, educational dreams…we need somebody to trust and believe us.

Donations will go to basic needs we see in every school visited, in order to accomplish as many ideas and potential activities from local teachers and educational community. As soon as we visit school, we will make public on AFRICAHUGS social media how we spend the money with bills and justifications.

Do you want to join us in this beautiful DREAM called AFRICAHUGS ?

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