How to understand anybody if you do not even know them? Why do we start talking and digress, sometimes with passion and eagerness, about places and countries that we never have been in? Why do we blindly trust reports, articles, writings that do not give the real picture so, they just support their own angle because interests of many ways are there?

That is the apocryphal story of Trump, an extraterrestrial who decided to be integrated among westerners, with the only purpose of understanding the difficulties and other issues in the mankind.

He did not care about the western country he chose, whether if it was Spain, France, Britain, USA…He soon realized that, most of the news and reports coming from the African continent, were always showed in a negative way. Massive Media conglomerates like BBC, or organizations called to enlighten society and revolution or global equity like Unicef or Red Cross, kept, wrongly, writing and talking about their own idea of Africa, according to their own interests and priorities, and giving the impression that Africa is poor and dying, surviving thanks to their mercy.

Our extraterrestrial Trump had to verify by himself if, what the media and those organizations were talking and writing about, was either true or there was something else. Like any other alien, Trump was overwhelmed about how many dramatic reports, sad news, sorrowful stories…coming from the African continent were told over and over on the radio, tv, internet and journals in whatever western country you were living in. In addition, He was also surprised to find out how western citizens misapprehended themselves one or another African country, so they put all of them in the same basket, without even understanding the complexity and diversity idea in this abstract reality called Africa, mistakenly divided, in Berlin in 1884 by the West in 54 so-called countries.

The so-called Trump, our AFRICAHUGS Trump needed to make a quick visit to some of the African countries, above all, to make sure what Western media were publishing with eager assidiousnqess. Once Trump read a sentence written by famous Nigerian writer Chinua Achebé called, “Balance of stories,” “this is really what I personally wish this century to see—a balance of stories where every people will be able to contribute to a definition of themselves, where we are not victims of other people’s accounts. This is not to say that nobody should write about anybody else—I think they should, but those that have been written about should also participate in the making of these stories”.

With Chinua Achebé in his mind, and with the certainty that he would sooner or later find the solution to his concern, Trump went to Bobikuma, a little village in Ghana central region. In order to reach Bobikuma from Accra, the capital, he had to catch a collective vehicle from Kwashienan district to Mmalam junction. Once in Mmalam junction, he had to take another vehicle to Swedru town. Finally, from Swedru, he took his last “tro tro” ( that is how Ghanaians call collective vans ) to Bobikuma.

As he was getting away from greater Accra, proper vegetation from tropical countries started to appear with intimate discretion. Meanwhile, Trump could not stop looking through the van window to his right and his left. The other passengers, coming from different ethnic Ghana groups like Ewe, Ashanti, Gonja, Ga/Adangbe, Fante…drew kind smiles and showed their interest asking him in Twi language, “Eti Sea” ( How are you? ); “ Wodin Di Sei “ ( ¿ What is your name? ); “Wo Koheni” ( Where are you coming from?).

Bobikuma appeared in the blink of an eye. Trump was amazed looking at the surroundings. Great tropical vegetation everywhere, fully coca plantations, endless palm trees full of coconuts everywhere, plantain like hand size, even bigger; sweet bananas like honey, papayas almost as big as Trump’s body, pineapples, cassava, and many more fruits and vegetables.

When Trump asked to a bunch of people if he could have more information about cocoa plantation, with no doubt, they accepted to show him all the process with great kindness. The way to cocoa fields was an awesome experience for Trump. Within enormous cocoa fields, there were a bunch of cabins that were used to dry coca seeds. Each time that we walked through one of these group of cabins, we had to greet people there. Kindly they asked you about your family, your purpose of visit and how everything was going.

Once we reached Amoanda, the cabins belonged to Trump’s mates, we were introduced Kweku Duodu. He was in charge of the farmers in that area. His face, hands and features showed that Kweku was a tireless farmer, passionate to harvest cocoa all his life. He himself and Kwami, in charge of accountability, kindly explain us that coca needed over 5 years to reach its maximum height. When coca is just plant, it has to be cover or protected with the sun by other plants like banana, cassava…in order to give him the right shadow. Otherwise it would die.

When we finished our visit to cacao fields, we stop for a while in a palm wine production. There, Kweku Duodu offered us to try it. Besides, He showed us how to prepare from its extraction from the rind of the palm until how it was distilled with fire. 

Trump was filled with kindness in his visit, he got the attention, he witness their hard working values. So, he asked to himself, why this is not shown with more frequency in the West? Why in western countries there are few people with, unfortunately, much power, to spread only the darkest face of Africa?

Trump wanted to have more experiences in this tiny village called Bobikuma. Would you join him?

This is and will be our Trump while we keep writing about Bobikuma. This will be to resist the current Trump alive, the one that does not respect diversity. AFRICAHUGS suggests this one, more interested about difference, the one who includes, respects, who thinks that building higher walls, the world will become a safer place to live.