After Trump’ surprise of how cocoa business in a global scale was working in countries like Ghana or Ivory Coast, Our extraterrestrial, the one decided to better understand the differences in between The West and Africa, the skeptical Trump, the one decided to see and listen in order to better comprehend, the one ready to give his opinion but without first carefully observing reality and  reading between the lines, so, he wanted to visit a woman who was living in feigned solitude nearby the main square in the village of Bobikuma, Central Ghana.

The woman was well known in the area as Aunty Donkor. As soon as Trump entered in her house, a big shiny patio welcomed him. When he glanced into the floor, he found out a massive quantity of different type of herbs. Each one possessed an incongruous size, a divergent texture, a distinct color. Although all those herbs in a kind of rainbow chaotic order did not mean anything to Trum, for  Aunty Donkor, each and every herb, each and every plant, was the sign of a perfectly organized canvas, all with medicinal benefits that only she better knew in the all area of Bobikuma.

The conversation that followed after the very moment of presentation of them both, was to feed Trump’s curiosity about medicinal herbs. Aunty Donkor explained him with proven wisdom and confirmed experience in the field, all benefits of every plant, their medicinal uses, how they benefited every part of the body and soul, and how we could acquire the awaited effect by using one or another plant.

Undoubtedly, not all medicinal herbs and plants could take away or substitute western medicine, the one related with pills, painkillers or capsules, but it really was a fact that side effects from both of them were totally different. So, We did not have to reject one or another. It was, obviously, about trying to achieve a sweet harmony among both of them, tackling to keep both, giving no stone unturned to value one but with rejecting the other. 

One of the medicinal herbs that Aunty Donkor introduced to Trump was called “Twentry”. It was used in case of broken arms or legs. That plant was coming from the bark of a tropical tree. The way of getting it was carefully made by professional workers that once in a while visited Aunty Donkor. She ordered by written down or said it out loud what kind of herbs she needed. Then, her workers went to the place where deep tropical vegetation was found to meticulously examined in between the flora until they reached all they were looking for to Aunty Donkor.

Seemingly, Aunty Donkor was well known, not only in Ghana Central region but also in Accra, the vibrant capital city. According to conventional wisdom, many herbal doctors attended her practices and products to order and buy some of her herbs and preparations. Those herbal doctors practiced both kind of medicines, traditional and western. Those doctors were not carried along by huge western advertisement, bragging about impressive outstanding painkillers and pills. According to Aunty Donkor, Those herbal doctors, also knew how to listen nature, her natural benefits for human body and also soul.

As Aunty Donkor was talking, Trump witnessed every gesture of her face, of her body. He became aware of how different Africa and The West were by talking about human life in line with nature. Why we, the West had been getting away from nature? Why we the West disregard or reject her and did not even listen to her?

Do we have in The West the same “quality music” from nature than in most of the African countries? Traditional medicine is actually achieving same goals that western one? What would happen if in the West we supported the use of traditional medicine? Why in The West we have barely little knowledge or use African Traditional Medicine? All those questions showed up in Trump, in a moment where, big pharmaceutical companies from western countries, were and still are having billions of dollars in profits, apparently, and in some cases, at the expenses of many people’s health.

Each day that our Trump, the skeptical extraterrestrial was in Africa, he felt more attached, more motivated to keep going and experience what is, with no doubt, the richest continent on Earth. Soon, we will see him visiting two public schools in Bobikuma, a visit full of surprises and new learnings.