AfricaHugs’ project explanation

AfricaHugs project will basically consist in publishing frequently about the study and inquiry of different school realities in rural sub-Saharan Africa. Subsequently, and taking into account each situation i shall face in every country and school that I visit, – communications, political situation, personal and professional priorities, understanding with the community…- I will try my best to plan real actions and interventions in order to change or improve the situation from my experience, humbleness, knowledge and steadfastness. Always together with the community and teachers. I want to emphasize positive experiences and not be carried along by the mass media about African news.

I will start this project in early January 2016. The main idea is to catch the attention of as many people as possible and to encourage and to make them understand how important education is in does not matter which region, country, city…for their development and improving conditions.

AfricaHugs is a volunteer project and anyone is welcome. I have had this in mind some years ago and now more than ever, I want to contribute with my energy, time and knowledge to help to build public quality education in the places I will visit in sub-Saharan Africa

I will mostly focus in rural education in Africa as around 71 per cent of the total population of sub saharan Africa lives in rural areas and will remain the majority over the next decades. As the majority of the world’s poor, illiterate and undernourished live in rural areas, it is a major challenge to ensure their access to quality education. We all know that the lack of learning opportunities is both a cause and effect of rural poverty

It is my desire to make understand to the western world that Africa has a lot to teach us, that global improvements and understanding ferociously depends on the improvement and development of rural Africa. As long as economical priorities go first than social and educative ones, as long as education is subjugate to the goals of the economic power, it will be difficult an equal development, not only in Africa but also in western society, where difference in between rich and poor is shamefully growing

I plan to be one year and visit over twelve countries, one country per month. Moreover, the calendar I am drawing will be flexible depending on changeable or unexpected situations. All the useful information and data I collect, I will publish on the Internet, in a it is my eagerness and aspiration that this AfricaHugs becomes as viral as possible with the only purpose of making education reachable to every single child on Earth. With this and only with this, my dream as a teacher and a human being would be more than accomplished.

Here you are the countries’ calendar i will follow. As I said before, It will always rely on conditions and people I am meeting or other depending reasons.

  • January: Sénégal/Gambia
  • February: Côte d’Ivoire/Ghana
  • March: Nigeria/ Cameroun
  • April: Angola
  • May: Namibia
  • June: Sudáfrica
  • July: Zimbabwe
  • August: Moçambique/Madagascar
  • September: Tanzania/Burundi/Rwanda
  • October: Kenya
  • November: Uganda
  • December: Ethiopia

Thanks to join me in this power-loving project that is AfricaHugs. Only with your support and spreading we all will build a better world with equity and dignity for all.